Heaven & Hell – Introduction

I’m listening to Tim Mackie’s 4-part series on Heaven & Hell, found here: https://thebibleproject.com/podcast/series/heaven-hell/ Lately, I’ve been struggling with how to reconcile the following two theological claims:

(A) Hell is a place of Eternal, Conscious, Torment where humans and fallen angels shall reside forever.

(B) God is a being of transcendent love, perfectly embodied in the Gospel, a love that is higher than any human can match.

So, that’s the impetus for the start of this study. From here, should I not be satisfied, my next steps are to begin looking at scholarship on the subject. I suppose that would be wise regardless of Mackie’s sermons! But, I’m bothered. We’ll see if what Mackie has to see reduces my dissonance with reconciling the above two ideas. Mackie breaks up his series into four messages:

  1. The concepts of life, death, and human existence in Genesis 1 – 3. Clarifying popular misunderstandings and distortions in Western culture. Clearing ground to begin building.
  2. The Biblical concept of Heaven, with Life and Death as Present Realities. (i.e. “Humans can live in a state of death”). God seeks to rescue humans from “living death” and transfer them to “eternal life” here in the present and eternity. There are two ways of being human: (1) the living dead, (2) the truly living.
  3. The Old Testament & Final Justice. Beginnings of New Creation & Resurrection.
  4. The Meaning of Eternal Death and Jesus’ use of Hell. The Meaning of New Creation, Resurrection, and Eternal Life.

Here we go!